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Tag: isde

Brendan Riordan 2017 ISDE – France

New England’s very own Brendan Riordan will be taking on the world’s fastest riders at the 2017 International Six Days Enduro in Brive, France in late August. Brendan grew up riding the NETRA Pee Wee series and has progressed through the ranks to AA status and has quickly become one of the fastest riders in New England.

Brendan has the skills to take on the best but needs a some help to defray the seemingly…

NETRA racers going for ISDE Gold

The three Trail Jesters (L to R: John Kelley, Josh Toth and Ben Kelley) will represent the USA at the ISDE in Slovakia. (photo by Andrew Fredrickson)

Three members of the Trail Jesters enduro off-road motorcycle team will compete in the 90th edition of the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) this year in Kosice, Slovakia,…

Innovation Offroad Interview: Ben Kelley

Read an interview with New England’s own Ben Kelley: Innovation Offroad IO Interview: Ben Kelley – Innovation Offroad

ISDE 2014 – Dust claims riders

The competition at the 2014 ISDE in San Juan Argentina is not other riders, it is deep sand and unrelenting dust. Only the first few riders have a clear shot of the course. Others must battle clouds of silty dust making it nearly impossible to pass slower riders. The dust claimed dozens of riders handing out DNFs to some of the best and veteran ISDE riders. Unfortunately that fate was delivered to one of our…

ISDE 2014 – On route to Gold

John rolls into the Team USA check. John sits at 4th overall in the C3 class.

John and Ben Kelley had great finishes for Day 1 at the 2014 International Six Days Enduro in San Juan, Argentina. John is in 4th place in the…