Changes for the 2018 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas Program

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has announced many changes to the Race Gas program. The most significant changes are

  • the number of events allowed per series – 12
  • minimum number of event participants – 50
  • and the end of physical gift cards

RaceGas awards will now be credited to your Rocky Mountain account. This will all be handled via your email address.

What this means to you.

  1. You will need to sign-up for a Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account if you don’t already have one.
  2. You will need to ensure that your email address on file with NETRA is EXACTLY the same as the one registered with RMATV/MC
  3. If you run more than one series, e.g. Junior Enduros and Hare Scrambles, or Hare Scrambles and Enduros, you will need to update your MotoTally rider information for each series.
  4. In the case of minor riders like the Pee Wee or Mini series, parents/guardians must use their email address. USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ALL YOUR MINI RIDERS.
    • For Example Billy and Suzie Smith are Pee Wee riders. Mama Smith needs to register at RMATV/MC and then update Billy’s and Suzie’s MotoTally rider profiles using the her email address for both children. Got it? Good!
  5. There is no way for us to verify email addresses. So after you update your MotoTally profiles, make sure you get a confirmation email. If you don’t get a confirmation email check your spam folder or try updating your MotoTally profile again.
  6. Deadline is July 22, 2018. Do it now!

Getting the email and address data correct will make it MUCH EASIER for NETRA and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

NETRA can not be responsible for bad data entry. We have strict deadlines to meet for this program so we can’t go back and beg RMATV/MC to send you an award if you made a mistake. Help us help you!

How do I update my MotoTally Rider profiles?

Update my Rider Profile

  1. Go here
  2. Select “Update my information (address, phone, email etc.)” (not required for Enduro Series)
  3. Use the Rider Search feature to find your profile. NETRA-HS # is your membership number NOT your bike’s race number.
  4. When you find your profile record click Add?.
  5. You may be asked for your birth date. If you fill it in, you will be authenticated and your current data will be displayed. If you don’t, you’ll have to enter all the information.
  6. If your email is correct, you’re done. There’s no need to change it.
  7. If your email address is blank or incorrect, update it and click the Save Rider button.
  8. You may be asked to pick your class and bike brand. Please update this info as well.
  9. You must click the “Complete Registration” button or none of your hard work will be saved!
  10. Check your email inbox and verify you have received a confirmation email from MotoTally.
  11. Repeat these steps for all the series in which you participate.
  12. Repeat these steps for all your minor riders.

MotoTally Rider Profile links for all Series

The deadline to complete this is July 22, 2018. We have a bunch of catch-up work to do!

Below is the announcement from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. It can be viewed in its entirety here: