Beta Bikes Found!

We are pleased to announce that all of our bikes have been recovered and we will be ready for the 2017 race season.


We have to thank all of our family,friends, sponsors and the race community as a whole for the overwhelming outpouring of support and concern.

The awful news of how these low-life degenerate thieves broke into our garage and robbed us of our property and sense of security was no match for the strength in numbers that was displayed through the networking of well over 25,000 Facebook shares and other social media posts that spanned across the United States seeking justice and providing words of support for our family and condemnation for those who committed such a personally devastating act.


Together we are stronger and we will prevail.


Thank you again to everyone and hopefully one day with all of us supporting and looking out for each other we can put an end to these crimes.


We can not release any further details at this time because the investigation is still ongoing and we are working with our local police and detective bureau to hopefully catch these criminals and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.


The Dussault Family

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