Attention Hare Scramble Racers – MotoTally Sign-up Procedures

  1. Go to sign up WITH YOUR HELMET! If you do not bring your helmet, you will not be signed up… no exceptions!! 
  2. Fill out your entry form, parental consent form (if under 18), and /or NETRA membership forms (if necessary).
  3. Go to the club table to pay entry and/or membership fees. Even if you do not currently have a race number you will still pay for your entry before being assigned a race number.
  4. ALL Riders must then proceed to the sign up table. If you need a transponder, temporary numbers, or to be assigned a new race number, this is where you can do that. Once you have your transponder and race number you will then just need to scan your helmet to finish signing up. 
  5. After you have signed up, you will then need to go to tech inspection. If you have received temporary numbers, DO NOT go to tech without your temporary numbers on your bike AND helmet if you do, you will be turned away and will have to wait in line all over again. When you pass tech, you will receive something from the club indicating that you passed (sticker, colored zip tie, etc…). There will be club workers checking bikes on the start, if you do not have something indicating that you have passed tech inspection, you will not be able to race.

Also while we are getting acclimated with the new software and sign up process, we ask that all A and B riders wait until the novice race has started before coming to sign up.

 We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this adjustment period!


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