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Board of Directors


Anthony Gasper

Tony has been riding since he was a kid and has been competing in NETRA since 2003. His riding exploits include traversing the Trans-America Trail on his adventure bike and riding in Baja. He’s has served as a trailboss for the Pathfinders MC and initiated the club’s Trail Patrol safety initiative at Thomaston Dam in 2003. He also serves on the NETRA Competition Committee and as a rider representative for the enduro series.

 James Sherman

James Sherman

Jim Sherman, NETRA’s current vice president, became involved in the organization during the 90’s, when his son began participating in NETRA Junior. Enduro events. What started as simply supporting the kids at their rides evolved into club involvement with the Hoot Owl Scramblers and supporting other NETRA clubs when possible. Today Jim is the co-secretary of the Hoot Owls and regularly is the trail boss for the Hoot Owls’ Junior Enduro. Jim served as NETRA president from 2007 to March 2013. Jim lives in Medfield, MA and works in Bethesda, MD financing seniors’ housing and assisted living facilities.

Kevin Howley

Kevin Howley

Kevin Howley has served on NETRA’s Board of Directors and as NETRA’s Treasurer for more than twenty years. Kevin first became involved with NETRA in the mid-eighties attending NETRA enduros as a pit person for his older brother and a friend. Kevin began riding NETRA hare scrambles late in 1986 and enduros in 1987, and competed in both series until the mid-nineties. Kevin still competes in the NETRA enduro series in the A Senior class. NETRA enduro competitors are more likely to recognize Kevin’s wife Jennifer than they are him, as she has pitted for Kevin and other enduro riders at virtually every NETRA enduro for the past twenty years and is always out on the course. Kevin’s twin daughters, Julianne & Kaitlyn, ride some of the NETRA Pee Wee events. Kevin is a member of the King Philip Trail Riders and is actively involved in the club events. Kevin is a Certified Public Accountant and lives with his family in Wrentham, MA.


Martha Sherman

Martha began her affiliation with NETRA as a part of her son’s riding support team. It was a great family experience, although 30+ events a season (Jr. Enduros and Hare Scrambles) really were a stretch. Ask her sometime about a winter short course put on by Pilgrim Sands! She started going to club meetings, and it wasn’t long before she was the secretary of the Hoot Owls for 10 years. She’s worked behind the scenes since 2005 – either doing jackets or chairing the annual banquet and expo.. She also has maintained the Rule Book and incorporated the changes approved by the Comp Committee ever since it has been posted on line. She doesn’t ride – won’t even get on the back of a bike- but given her other experiences with NETRA and off-road riding is looking forward to working with the Board.


Andrew Anthony
Competition Chair

I have been actively involved in NETRA for the past four years. In 2008 & 2009 I acted as Pee Wee Advisor in our youth program. In addition to being on BOD, I am on the Competition Committee and serve as the Hare Scramble Vice Chairman.


Lynn Anthony
Membership and Sanction Administrator

I have been involved in NETRA for the past 7+ when my children started racing. In 2008 & 2009 I was a Pee Wee Advisor in our Youth Progam. I attend many of the events to support my family and friends.

David Bernard
Board Member


James Blais
Board Member

Chris Burton

Chris Burton
Board Member

Chris started riding NETRA Junior Enduros during the late 70’s; eventually moved to California where I was the President of the California Enduro Riders Association and an AMA District 36 committeeman; also rode and raced in Texas for a few years. Now a member of the Pilgrim Sands Trail Riders and ride selected enduros, hare scrambles, and turkey runs.


Paul Clough
Board Member

Began riding again at the age of 40 in 2003. Competed in the NETRA enduro series and received an A card in 2008. NETRA Comp. Comm. Member from 2002-2010. Active Rhody Rover Member since 2003 and I was the club secretary from 2004-2009. Also held VP position during that same time. Elected as Rhody Rover Club President in 2009 and 2010. Reelected in 2011; however had to step away from from that position due to work requirements. Mostly enjoying just recreational riding these days. NETRA BOD member for 2009 and 2011.


Steve Erickson
Board Member


Bill Hass
Board Member

I have 50 years motorcycle riding experience, 40 years riding off road, Joining NETRA in 1971 prior to the first general meeting held at Mountain Park in Holyoke MA. I have been a member of the NETRA BOD for more than 20 years, former Vice President and former President. Twenty years on the AMA Congress as the off-road delegate for New England. I am a 40 year member of the Rhody Rovers, was trail boss for the Rhody Rovers first Enduro in 1969 and trail boss for many Enduros since then including five National Enduros. I was the National Service Manager for Bultaco Motorcycles in the 70s. While employed by Bultaco, I lived in the Schenectady NY area and was one of the original members of the Capital Area Trail Rider Association.

I have been a member of, and attended the AMA/FIM International Public Policy Conference, the AMA National Summit on Motorcycle Sound, and the AMA Leadership Summit on Recreational Riding. I have been trained and certified as Sound Technician and I perform the sound testing at the AMA Dirt Track Grand Nationals in DuQuoin IL each year. I am on the Board of Directors of the Rhode Island Off Highway Vehicle Assoc., am a member of the Central Cycle Club and the New England Hillclimbers. I am a Motorcycle Safety Foundation licensed Dirt Bike School Coach and an ASI licensed ATV Safety Instructor.


Carol Hery
Board Member

I first learned about NETRA when I met my now husband back in the late 80s when he raced in Hare Scrambles and Enduros. After a bad crash and injury he decided to take a break. We started back again with our two young girls in 2003 in Nervous Novice then the first Pee Wee ever late that year. We all became involved in Netra joing the “Nutmeg Scramblers” and racing pee wees then on to Jr Enduros and Hare Scrambles.Our oldest daughter won the Jr Enduro girls championship in 2007. For us getting invovled with helping put on events and learning the process has helped put all of this in prospective. There is alot of work from alot of people to put on an event. I have since become a BOD member and then Competition Commette member of Netra and President of the Nutmeg Scramblers Motorcycle club in Ellington CT. We spend alot of weekends throughout the year at Netra events meeting new people from all over New England.


Mike Hery
Board Member

My time with NETRA goes back to my childhood racing motocross. At the time there were no Jr. Enduros – only Senior Enduros. My friends and I put on Jr. Enduros in our town, so I wrote a letter to Trail Rider Magazine’s Bob Hicks asking why there were no Enduros for kids in New England. He published my letter and soon after, Jr. Enduros were added. I have competed in Hare Scrambles, Enduros, Turkey Runs, and Charity rides through the years.

After a nearly 15 year absence from the sport, my family and I have returned. My daughters Chelsea and Stacey started in nervous novice and then pee wees and are now competing. I have also started racing again. I feel it is my turn to give back to the sport and organization. I am not finishing my second year as Youth Coordinator, Competition Committee member, and Board of Directors member and am a member of the Nutmeg Scramblers Club.


Jason Meyers
Board Member


John O’Connor
Board Member

I started riding in 1966. In ’68 I was selected to circuit ride in the Libyan Sahara on a Moto Guzzi 125 to teach English for the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, Khadaffi deposed King Idris. forcing early termination of sponsorship. Followed by years of street riding (mostly BMW’s) and roadracing (Norton Commando) and pit support for eventual Battle of the Twins Mod Prod Nat’l. Championship with John Long aboard the Gietl/Schuster BMW Superbike. Along the way, became active cornerworking roadraces for AAMRR and LRRS with U.S. Marshals. Joined MVTR in 1990 to find places to ride, volunteered to work club events, and wound up on the NETRA BOD. Still love riding-pavement and dirt.

Mark Placek
Board Member


John Rantuccio
Board Member



Bill Riordan
Scoring Adminstrator


Allen Tucker
Board Member

I was born and raised on a large dairy farm in Panton, VT. My early education years were at the local one room school house with all eight grades in one room. I never had more than three classmates until I attended the regional high school. After high school I attended UVM, entered in and completed the pre-med/pre-vet program in two years and then entered Cornell University and graduated with my DVM degree in 1972. I worked in Kingston, NY for six years as a veterinary technician and later as a veterinarian upon graduation. In 1973 I married Ann Roy, my Vermont farm girl. In March 1976 Ann and I started the Daniel Webster Animal Hospital in Bedford, NH where I still work 2-3 days a week. We have two grown children Jason and Morgan. My associates have recently purchased the hospital so I’m no longer in command. It is an eight doctor facility with forty-six staff members and I am very proud of what Ann and I started and the hospital’s reputation. I have served four years on the NH State Ethics Board, eleven years on the Executive Board and a five year term on the Board of Veterinary Examiners appointed by the Governor.

Now, I look forward to working with all NETRA members in my capacity on the Board of Directors and as a member of the Competition Committee to help guide and steer our organization in the right direction.

Ed Ventura
Board Member

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