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The New England Trail Rider Association (NETRA) promotes the sport of safe and responsible off-road motorcycling in the New England and New York region.With over 80 competitive and recreational events annually, there’s somewhere to ride or race almost every weekend from April to November! Whether you are looking to race a hare scramble with the fastest in New England, enjoy a casual ride with buddies at a turkey run, or watch your child learn to ride at our annual youth clinic, you can always find something to ride with NETRA.

NETRA is also a steward off off-road riders’ rights. We are active with every state’s legislators and land managers to preserve your right to ride. A majority of our budget is used to this end.

Come join our 2500+ members and 25 member clubs and enjoy varied riding opportunities all over the Northeast!
NETRA is your premier connection to off-road riding and racing throughout the Northeast!

Come ride with us!



The New England Trail Rider Association (NETRA) was formed in the early 1970’s for the purpose of promoting off-road trail riding in the New England area. The sport was in its infancy, and in cooperation with New England Trail Rider (now Trail Rider) Magazine, NETRA focused on identifying and communicating places to ride, bike set-up tips, and riding techniques suitable for the tough New England terrain.

A couple of years later NETRA entered the competition arena when we inherited the New England Enduro series from the New England Sports Committee (NESC) organization. NETRA has produced some top national enduro and ISDE riders like Don Cutler, George Peck, and Kevin Hines. In 1982 the NETRA Hare Scrambles series was born, and over time this series has become home to NETRA’s most well-attended events. This series has also produced some renowned national racers such as Tom Norton and Nate Kanney. NETRA believes in developing tomorrow’s riders, and the Junior Enduro and Pee Wee series provide an opportunity for kids to have fun and improve their riding skills.

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