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Year End Awards – Jackets

Congratulations on your successful 2014 racing season!

If you believe you will be receiving a year end award this year, please fill out the request form completely by December 15, 2014.



Innovation Offroad Interview: Ben Kelley

Read an interview with New England’s own Ben Kelley: Innovation Offroad IO Interview: Ben Kelley – Innovation Offroad


30 Years and Still No Trails

By: Russell MacIntyre
Member of the NETRA Board of Directors

Election day has come and gone.  Finally the robo-calls and nasty TV ads are behind us. In Connecticut we have re-elected Gov. Malloy who in 2013 vetoed a law that would have forced the DEEP to provide trails for ORV use. The future for ORV trails in CT is bleak at best.

Back in the mid 1980’s the CT legislature passed a law that required the DEEP (back then…

John Kelley battles the #1 competitor: dust.

ISDE 2014 – Dust claims riders

The competition at the 2014 ISDE in San Juan Argentina is not other riders, it is deep sand and unrelenting dust. Only the first few riders have a clear shot of the course. Others must battle clouds of silty dust making it nearly impossible to pass slower riders. The dust claimed dozens of riders handing out DNFs to some of the best and veteran ISDE riders. Unfortunately that fate was delivered to one of our…

Ben airs it out to a 6th place overall finish in the C2 class on Day 1.

ISDE 2014 – On route to Gold

John rolls into the Team USA check. John sits at 4th overall in the C3 class.

John and Ben Kelley had great finishes for Day 1 at the 2014 International Six Days Enduro in San Juan, Argentina. John is in 4th place in the C3 class and Ben sits in 6th in…